Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies

images-37The Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS) is one of Britain’s leading independent sixth-form colleges, and offers top-notch 1 and 2 year A-level and GCSE courses. CCSS was established in 1980 and during the past decades, the school built an excellent reputation for encouraging, success-focused education that prepares students optimally for academic, professional, and personal success.

CCSS is situated right in the heart of the academic center that Cambridge is, and it is surrounded by all the great colleges that make up the University of Cambridge.

CCSS boasts small sized classes and the best tuition that are perfect for academic achievement and stimulate self-confidence and ambition. The school offers both boarding and day-time options and has a widely varied international student body, and offers an environment in which both students from the UK and abroad can thrive and become successful.

International students may benefit from CCSS’s ‘International Summer School’ program, or the ‘Academic Foundation Course’ to get introduced to the UK education system as the alternative to the American Regents, SAT or ACT exams, and the preparation is very similar too. However, students join may also join the school’s full academic A-Level and GCSE courses. UK students also have the chance to get an idea of life at CCSS if they join the school’s ‘Easter Revision Courses’ or a short ‘Summer Course’. Both options are designed to help students gain the level that makes all the grade differences.

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Leading UK Boarding Schools-4

Many UK boarding schools are famous for excellent education and the finest traditions. UK boarding schools are often highly valued educational institutions, respected all across the world, not only for academic excellence, but also for promoting cultural and athletic development of both domestic and overseas students.

Many UK boarding schools are well-known for their efforts to stimulate students develop their unique talents both academically and in fields like sports and music.

There are a great many public and private boarding schools in the UK, and all boarding schools are required to comply with the highest safety requirements and strict academic standards to make sure that they will continue to offer the very best in top-notch education and students safety and care.

Their facilities belong to the best seen across the planet and in this post we’ll highlight a few well-respected UK boarding schools that continue to produce the best in students. Let’s take a closer look at: Marymount International School, Woodcote House School, and Strathallan School in Scotland.

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Leading UK Boarding Schools-3

classroomUK boarding schools are boasting long traditions of excellence and quality in education. The schools belong to the best valued educational institutions in the world regarding cultural, academic, and athletic development of both British and international students. Boarding schools are recognized for allowing students to bolster their talents and develop the best of skills in fields like music or sports.

Britain boasts numerous private and public boarding schools. All these schools need to comply with strict academic and safety standards to ensure they provide the best in students care and quality education in facilities that are among the best in the world. This is post number three in our series about the best and highest respected boarding schools in the UK.

Sevenoaks School – Kent

the latest ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) survey rated Sevenoaks School exceptional when it comes to learning and teaching. Sevenoaks is one of Britain’s most selective schools that offers both day and boarding options. It is a co-ed (for girls and boys) school for students in the age range 11 – 18. The school is known for its rigorous academic and co-curricular programs.

Sevenoaks School is located only a 30-minute drive from London. The school’s campus of around 100 acres is nestled right in the beautiful and lush countryside of Kent. This gorgeous location is a true haven that enables students to grow up both personally and academically in confidence. The school has a relatively low teacher-student ratio and small class sizes.

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Top UK Boarding Schools For Girls

field-hockey-boarding-schoolsTraditional British Boarding Schools are sort of global legends, and when we think of them, we probably see pictures of windows with old stained glass acres of rolling meadows and tumbling forests.

Parents are imagining rows of well-behaved, strictly educated, pristine-uniformed students at the nation’s prestigious schools, while the students picture never-ending days full of  adventure. Next is the step that parents must take, a step back to allow their children to discover their own paths into the great wide world.

UK Boarding Schools enable students to develop independently their academic and cultural skills and to build a social network, in the safe and secure environment of a campus, while supervised by committed, highly trained, and qualified teachers available in the world of education.

In 2015, almost 80 percent of all UK boarding school students were admitted to Britain’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Boarding schools provide world-class teaching, support, and facilities, and parents who are investing in their children’s boarding school education may rest assured as they know they’re investing in their children’s future success. Let’s take a closer look at some of Britain’s best boarding schools for girls.

Mayfield School, Mayfield, East Sussex
Mayfield School is one of the UK’s leading independent day and boarding schools for girls ages 11 to 18. Mayfield School is situated in a gorgeous Kent landscape setting, in the tranquil and typically English countryside, only 50 miles from London, so students at Mayfield may benefit from both worlds. In an academic way, Mayfield is performing far above the average British boarding school, The girls are leaving the school with a great love of studying, something that will benefit them for the rest of their professional and personal lives.

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Boarding Schools Glossary

private-boarding-schoolsThe modern-day boarding school is a great way to identify and boost a child’s potential. In an academic sense, some boarding schools are among the finest in the world and provide an environment where talents can flourish, and where students can develop fully to their potential.

The fact that their academic record is unrivaled is due to, among other things, the high level of qualified instructors, small classes, excellent facilities, and a general ethos of academic achievement. Let’s first give you a few explanations of the most used phrases, terms, and words:

Boarding house – A boarding house is a floor or building where students live and most of the time eat as well. In larger boarding houses, the students are usually divided over different floors by age. There are also schools where the students are living in separate houses usually in groups of mixed ages. Quite a few boarding schools provide separate houses for sixth-formers (6th form is the last two years of the secondary education) that offer them more privacy and independence.

Boarding inspections – From 2002 onward, boarding schools in the UK are required to undergo inspections to verity if they comply with the nation’s National Minimum Standards every three years. This independent inspection process and the publicly available inspection reports offer parents a great source of information on the quality of their preferred boarding school.

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Boarding Schools and Safety

4148The responsibility for inspecting independent boarding schools in England that are members of the ISC (Independent School Council) went into the hand of the Independent Schools Inspectorate(ISI) in 2011. The ISC represents the schools, and is promoting the member schools’ interests in the political and public domain. The ISI is has now been responsible for inspecting the academic and safety standards of member UK boarding schools.

ISI boarding school inspections occur every three years and are set in a way that they are in line with the UK National Minimum Standards (NMS) for the boarding schools that are revised regularly. Inspectors will interview boarders and parents as they are the primary consumers of these schools’ services.

Any issue or concern that’s raised or addressed by any student is rigorously investigated as will, of course, any suspicion or idea of child abuse. Gender and race equality policies carefully reviewed and issues are rigorously investigated, and much attention is paid to schools that are education students from overseas to see if pay enough attention to the special needs of these students, just like the parents would wish.

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Why Choose A UK Boarding School

120603032_wellingto_377686cThere never was a better time to sign your child up for a British boarding school. Probably educational standards and pastoral care have never been better and higher in the UK, and the modern-day demanding and discriminating parents will surely come to the conclusion that boarding schools are matching their expectations. UK boarding schools aim and claim to provide the best environment for a child to learn and grow.

In the UK you can find quite a few private boarding schools, but also 38 state-operated boarding schools that are all are members of the UK State Boarding Schools Association (SBSA). Altogether, these schools have some 5,000 teachers. These SBSA schools are undergoing regular inspections for both their boarding facilities and the education quality by the British ‘Office for Standards in Education – Children’s Services & Skills’ (also referred to a ‘Ofsted’).

Children also very well understand that a boarding school education may be offering them great opportunities, both for their academic and private life. Many argue that the UK boarding school system could prevent the American dropout crisis and decrease number of GED students.  Even though the American educational system is more liberal and achieving a high school diploma through the GED program is possible, many parents and families wish to send their teen to a boarding school.

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Leading UK Boarding Schools-2

2484sBritain’s boarding schools belong to the world’s best recognized educational institutions when it comes to academic excellence and athletic and cultural development of students. The British schools are boasting outstanding and long traditions to let students develop their academic talents and ensure that they will develop other talents in, for example, sports or music.

Britain has many public and private boarding schools that all provide quality education, excellent student care, and facilities that are second to none. This is article number two in a series on the best boarding schools for both British and overseas students.

Oakham School – England
Oakham is an exciting private co-ed day and boarding school in a small rural English town for students from 10 to 18 years old. The school is offering a variety of A level or IB courses in the 6th form. The school’s students are achieving highly impressive results at GCSE-IGCSE and A Level and the school is recognized as one of Britain’s best IB schools that challenges all students to exceed their expectations through a rigorous and encouraging learning environment, the best possible pastoral support, and a number of extra-curricular activities. Oakham’s ‘Learning Habits’ initiative is developing the students’ lifelong learning skills and is the foundation of all teaching activities at the school, and all students are valued and stimulated to work hard.

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Daily Routine at Boarding School

One of the key advantages for boarding school students is the access to school facilities and staff after the teaching day has come to an end. Younger pupils’ homework is supervised and monitored, and therefore generally done orderly, and they will receive all the help they need. During weekends and evenings, school libraries are tho most valuable resources and students can learn a lot from the books on the shelves and the wealth of information that’s available online.

Various clubs and extracurricular activities are providing opportunities beyond the students’ academic days to discover and develop their talents, and to explore contacts and occupations that may change their lives forever. One young female boarding student who represented England at the Olympic Games in rowing recalls of her early boarding school days as she says: “I will never ever forget the day that someone asked if anyone fancied rowing. I really had never given rowing any thought before, but I answered yes, and this changed my life forever.”

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Leading UK Boarding Schools

The UK boarding schools are among the best ranked educational institutions in the world. They are boasting long traditions of excellence in not only education, but also make sure your child will develop all his or her talents, be it music or sports, to the best possible level.

There are many private and public boarding schools in the UK, all of them providing excellent care, education, and facilities, but let’s take a closer look at a few that are considered outstanding.

D’Overbroeck’s – North Oxford
D’Overbroeck’s is an independent day and boarding school for students (both girls and boys) from 11 to 19. The school offers a widely varying approach to learning and education not only through comprehensive and rigorous academic programs, but also through outstanding extracurricular activities.

D’Overbroeck’s is more than just a school. This is a place where studying is considered cool, and students take pride in preparing for the next phase in achieving academic and personal success.

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